Hura, Memesponge! Finally, I got my own blog going!

Hi, there…a blogosphere! It took me… lets say… 9 months to get my own professional blog going. I guess it is a legitimate timeframe for a project of that sort. :)

I named it “memesponge”. In my perception, a “meme” is a catchy idea that people cannot help but pass along and share.  A “sponge” part came from observing my own habits of learning new things and obsorbing information all the time.  Memesponge is a place where I would share my thoughts, interpretations and findings about creative marketing, web technology and reaching people’s hearts. I will also share my own learning experiences within a field of my passion = marketing a path that is growing rapidly in various directions, weaves into eurika-like patterns…This is what makes me stay long hours and read…it keeps me up at night…this is a way I connect my tendencies of creating stories and visions (dreams and fantasies) into the trade of profession that I can do best.

The idea was cherished for a long time, nurtured by my learnings about web 2.0, blogs, podcasts and all the new web tools that recently came into existence.  Once one starts watching and tracking all web developments, it is easy to fall in love with the possibilities web provides for marketers and end users and real people.  However, the major motivation for me to step in were the relationships with people who were already present in the space, whose posts I read almost every day and whose lives and passion became shared. And of course, once you start communicating and getting connected online and offline, a whole new world opens up before you!

Please welcome me officially into your world. In this blog, I am looking forward to sharing the creative ideas I run into every day, while catching up on the news of creative marketing communications that build relationships with customers.  Commucation, sharing ideas and connecting with alike and the opposite are the best life enriching  experiences a human being can get.

There is a saying, whose author I cannot recall at the moment. “The difference between the day today and the same day in a year are the people we meet and the books we read”…I would add and the blogs you read! :)

Finally, I would also like to thank Josh Bancroft, a Technology Evangelist and a Geek Blogger, for introducing me to the world of blogging that changed my life!