Magic Happens when Internet Serendipitously Connects the Right People!

What an interesting find Jeremiah, the web strategist, shared with us tonight. A beautiful ( I can afford to say that) ;)), talented guitarist singer Mia shares her creativity on YouTube, very sweet piece. Then, another user adds drums to the composition and the third contributes bass! You can view the genesis of a new band that is proven to be successful and those people never met in real life..yet! I am sure Mia will be approached by conventional agents/record dealers now! I would even recommend her for American Idol…perhaps there should be a web version of it with all the web rules, users and viewers would be judges and so on! Opportunities, opportunities. This is another great application of web…just share your talent and the right people would flock to you and in the end you have a group set up…How social it is from the web to provide such a good “relationship” management job! Learn more and actually go and view the videos at Jeremiah’s blog.