Studying on Monday Night and Checking YouTube from Business Law Instructor’s Reference

Monday night and my mind is spinning again. Sunday yoga effect is no longer working and I am thinking about all the things I want to do in life. I have 20 windows open on my laptop, multitasking, planning, thinking, communicating and trying to joggle 10 + things at once.  Since the beginning of the 2007, I have been rethinking my entire life and directions I want to go.  I had a few roadblocks I faced, but those were necessary for the new beginnings. Today, in my Business Law class, an instructor recommended to view Steve Job’s commencement speech. I did take a mental note, but it is funny the way it all played out. Tonight, I again was feverishly thinking about all the people I need to see this week, all the things I want to accomplish, all the ideas I need to realize before it is too late. I never could understand that feeling about “jumping before the cart”… I tend to think 2-5 years ahead and worry about it now in the present…perhaps being a prematurely born child gives it some history as my Mom says…” You always wanted to experience life earlier and if you want something you want it now”… I always feel that if I do not do this (any idea I have at the moment) now, the opportunity will be gone tomorrow and I would not have time to pay attention to it as new things come up that compete for my time…. My thoughts brought me again to a very disturbing state and I took a break from my readings and checked the referenced video. Hearing Steve Job’s speech brought peace and affirmation that it is ok to feel this way I described above. Connecting the dots does happen backwards, and one should keep plugging in in making a difference…chasing the dream…searching and not compromising both in work and love….”stay hungry and stay foolish”… Keep looking; don’t settle…I subscribe to those words… If you feel the same today, view this speech and get your heart aligned…we are not the 1st and we can make it!