No Time to Stay Up-To-Date on Web Marketing Trends? One Click Solution – Jeremiah’s Blog

Again, Jeremiah, web strategist, treated his readers with some web marketing nuggets, that he patiently collected through his passionate blogging. Being under the impression and current influence of business case readings for weekly commercialization and enterpreneurship class, I was inspired to write an elevator pitch for Jeremiah. Main reasons: to practice the newly learnt skill and share my respect for Jeremiah’s content.

“FOR busy web marketing professionals WHO have no time to read books and articles and check in with 100 + feeds, while joggling work/family/school or any other type of “life”, Web Strategist Blog is convenient one-click/one-post alternative of web industry catch up THAT provides such benefits as a reservoir of fresh ideas and well-thought online strategies.  UNLIKE currently available books, online publications with premium content and implied time investment, Jeremiah’s blog PROVIDES FOR free, sound, corporate friendly, web marketing advice on demand in single post. “

The elevator pitch formula source: Randy Dipner & Mark Henry, PBC Inc


I tend to like talking in pitch mode, helps to make communications efficient and explain complex stuff faster!  Jeremiah, call me if you need to hire an agent. :)