The Price of Being Creative

Recent article in NY Times by Louise Story on how a Boston Marketing Campaign generated unexpected attention of the city police, caught my attention this afternoon. The campaign did work as eventually lots of media coverage is generated. However, there is some negative publicity that adds to the whole effect. The team was creative and used all the gorilla tactics (being enigmatic and puzzling the audience), however it is always easy to forget that someone eventually will be offended or hurt. In this particular case, I think it was a blooper not to be aware of the “suspicious black boxes” perception in the minds of at least US population. When I see a black package with no sign unattended, I make sure I am a number feet away of it, even if it seems paranoid. So, I thought it the team lacked the “due diligence” and forgot to notify the city authorities that it is part of the campaign. Marketers should keep taking risks, but perhaps ran the idea by a number of “unattached” folks or sleep on it to make sure such important details are not missed.