Why I Love Skype and Happy Birthday Mom!

Today, I used Skype for the first time to call my mom to Russia. Yes, I am slow, but I had a call card for a long time and had to use it all up. However, it is the quality of sound and the overall atmospherics of the calling experience that finally made me buy a decent headset and use Skype for international calls. Even though the rates were somewhat closer, I had a hard time talking to my folks (always yelling for better hearing, which prompted me to find a secluded place (car) or something). The worst part was with calling through the card from my cell phone to my sister’s cell (the call dropped a few times, testing my patience). No more pain. Today, I called mom to tell her “Happy Birthday and do our weekly chat”. She was amazed: “I can hear you as if you are next to me!” :) I was trying to explain her that I used Internet, not a phone to do that and she was stunned. It takes an effort for me to explain to my folks how technology works, especially while translating it in Russian. Generationwise it is challenging for them to comprehend a new “computer-related”, which is the same as “web-related” in their minds, tool without illustration. For me, it is a task to translate new technology and words that describe it that I usually learnt and use in English into Russian. Sometimes, I have to check a dictionary as I learnt the new word for new application in English first.

At any rate, I highly recommend using Skype for the rest late adopters, because you would be amazed why you did not start before! Check Skype’s blog for unique stories on its application overseas.