EQ Important Factors for Marketing Professionals

It was interesting to see how the EQ (Emotional Intelligence Knowledge) is applicable to work success within various business functions. According to Steven Stein and Howard Book, there are 5 top factors that are relevant to work success for marketing professionals:

1) Optimism – one has to have it while looking for market opportunities!
2) Reality Testing –  to accurately/ballpark assess the situation
3) Independence – to be able to make decisions on your own
4) Impulse Control – to be able to think before leaping
5) Social Responsibility – to be able to see far enough to not step on someone’s toes

Great insights. I think, personally, I would focus on working more on reality testing, impulse control and self-regard.

Oddly enough, for a marital bliss, interpersonal skills come last on the list. The most important factors in priority are happiness, self-regard, self-awareness and self-actualization and reality-testing.