Who Is Memesponge?

Hi, I am Yulia V Smirnova, also known as a marketer, blogger, speaker…yet I am really an explorer, deep thinker, people researcher.

I started this blog in 2007 as a personal channel to express my thoughts and opinions on various developments in online marketing while working in corporate America. It also shows some historical progress of my professional interests from social media to product marketing, and later ecommerce and online shopping. I have also been intensely immersed into the world of search engine optimization, web analytics, AB testing and mobile commerce.

What’s up with a blog name –  “memesponge” ? – you might be asking. Why not use your own name? You see, my legal name is very common in Russia and even in the states now. My parents did not come from Hollywood, so my name is not a shocking invention. Yet, I do sound exotic (Yulia) when I introduce myself, yet in search results, I am not that quite unique – there are plenty of us, Yulia Smirnovas’ populated all over the world.  So, a coined version was a no brainer to a developing marketing professional. I thought of a “meme” – a cool idea people pass around and a “sponge” – my personality when it comes to learning and – “viola!” – the name was born  – [meme + sponge].

I have been consulting and working full-time for various B2B and B2C companies over the years and still enjoying this field. I absolutely love what I do and find each day as a new opportunity to learn, to explore and to make the most of all exponentially growing knowledge, ideas and collaborative ventures from people around me. Currently, I am residing in the San Francisco Bay area and enjoying every minute of it.

At present, I make online shopping more enjoyable for people and more profitable for businesses.

While fascinated with ecommerce since 2009, I also play broadly with evolving online marketing and dive deep into customer intelligence and research, a combo of expertise and
passion, to which, I gladly dedicated over 10 years of focused attention and practice in various companies.

This year, in February 2013, I started my own ecommerce consulting company, CommerceBrain.com to make online business more profitable on a bigger scale. Official launch post from SXSW 2013.

Specialties: leadership, public speaking, site conversion optimization, internet marketing, SEO, content monetization, web merchandising, ecommerce, UX/UI, usability of web/mobile, product launch, product planning, SEM, web analytics, clickstream & experience data analysis, market research, program/product management, customer acquisition, retention campaigns, messaging, value proposition, promotions, marketing plans, site/estore redesigns, scrum, agile, (GTM) go-to-market plans.

To connect to me on LinkedIn, add me via http://www.linkedin.com/in/ysmirnova

To follow me on Twitter, join me at http://twitter.com/memesponge.

My new eCommerce marketing content is mostly on http://commercebrain.com/blog/


All posts on this blog represent my personal views and reflections and have no affiliation to my past, present, future employers and clients.